Grunnkurs klatring ute

Grunnkurs klatring ute

Arrangør: Klatring
Påmeldingsfrist: 21.05.2022 09:00



Påmelding fra kr 500,-

We are organizing an outdoor climbing course (inne-til-ute kurs), including things as lead climbing, rappelling, anchors and taking down equipment. We have two certified instructors to lead the course.
We will be visiting a crag around Oslo slightly depending on weather and interest of the participants.

As a participant you should have brattkort or similar experience. 

Helm is mandatory on this course! You can borrow all the equipment from us if need be. You have to be a member of the club. The course will take two full days, cost 500 NOK. It is limited to 8 places and students will be preferred. There will be time to climb yourself. The location will be accessible by public transport (or we organize cars if not). 


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